Thursday, August 3, 2017

Colin's 69th birthday!

The day started with breakfast on the terrace and opening 2 of the presents which had arrived. First was a Brush Robot.

To see the video of the assembled Brush Robot performing, click HERE.

The 2nd present was a  lovely cotton top which will be well used later in the year.

The main event of the day was lunch with friends, first course, gazpacho soup with all the trimmings.

 2nd course was stuffed pork loin en croute...

...served with ratatouille, broccoli and potatoes.

For dessert, Margaret had made a Summer Pudding...

...served with cream - splendid for this time of the year.

Then the birthday cake - we had this made from at our favourite pastelerĂ­a, Guarc in Valdealgorfa. Although it resembles a Yin-Yang symbol, there are 2 numbers which make up the design and reveal my age!

 And of course it is served with cava.

 After the cake, more presents...

...and then Maria made the ultimate Gin and Tonic for each of us. 

What a wonderful celebration!
To see the video, click HERE.

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