Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Hacienda Zorita

For the final 2 nights of our extended holiday we headed directly east into Spain to Salamanca then to the Hacienda Zorita.

We were greeted as we parked our car, our luggage was collected and we were presented with a glass of cava as we checked in.

The reception lounge displayed all of the many varieties of wine produced by the group.

The grounds were very interesting with sculptures and various works of art on display.

The estate dates back to the 14th century. In 1485 Christopher Columbus stayed before he set off to discover a route west to China.

The buildings have been restored providing a marvelous atmosphere and a high degree of comfort.

We attended a wine tasting where we sampled 2 red wines, a white wine and a rum produced by the company in the West Indies.

The wine tasting took place at one end of the bodega which housed hundreds of barrels.

One of the features of this holiday from the beginning had been the emphasis placed on food and drink.

The Hacienda Zorita was "the icing on the cake" - a perfect way to finish the quest!

The next morning it was time for a leisurely stroll around the estate...

...and to enjoy the sights...

...and features.

Even the gates had vines represented on them.

Time for a quick sit down before lunch... 

...then back into the restaurant for yet another culinary delight.

Here's Margaret at our bedroom window with the curtained restaurant below...

...and the view from our bedroom window.

Finally, a plate of meats and cheeses to finish off the day.

To see the slideshow/video I have produced of our visit to Hacienda Zorita, click HERE.

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