Saturday, June 24, 2017

San Juan

The midday mass takes place as usual in the ermita with the statue of San Juan, Saint John the Baptist, often known as Saint John the Forerunner, overseeing the proceedings from behind the altar. Today marks his birthday, 6 months before Christ.

The ermita was packed out, standing room only,...

...and the choir were in fine voice as the musicians gave it their all.

The day is split into 3 parts; the mass, the meal and then the dancing in the camino. Notice Margaret's dress changes!

The meal took place in the polideportivo, (the still unfinished sports hall - at least it provided welcome shade),...

...and consisted of 3 courses, even the wine was specially labelled.

Everyone was in good festive spirit.

Margaret was taking a low profile as it was still only 11 days since her major surgery but she managed to smile throughout.

In the evening people congregated in the camino outside our house next to the ermita...

...where the group played, everyone danced and drank cava and ate cakes.

Our peña wore garlands as we were also celebrating the forthcoming wedding of Christina, 5th from the left in the front row, to Carlos which will take place in the ermita next Saturday, 1st July.

Although it had been quite a hot day the coolness of the evening meant that people could start to enjoy the dancing.

The dancing went on until late and everyone really entered into it.

Certainly a great celebration of San Juan's birthday!

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